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New MPD Feature Secure Queue Release (SQR)

  • Date: Jul 10, 2017
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New MPD Feature Secure Queue Release (SQR)

Plus Technologies, MPD, My-Print-Delivery. New MPD Feature Secure Queue Release (SQR)

New MPD Feature Secure Queue Release (SQR)

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) software is Plus Technologies solution for pull printing. This type of solution is also called by other names such as print release, pull printing, follow-me, or find-me printing. The idea behind the concept is to improve printing efficiency by holding user documents in the print system until the user releases the document while physically at the printer or multi-function device itself.

A new feature called Secure Queue Release (SQR) is available. SQR allows users and their surrogates to release print jobs based on a specific queue. Jobs are sent to a specific device or location such as an exam room, office, store, etc. MPD checks that the person at the device is authorized employee before releasing and once an employee is authorized MPD SQR sends the job to that specific location. The user who releases the print job does not have to be the creator of the print job.
Secure Queue Release (SQR) is great for healthcare. Especially in “Exam Room’ environments where the person that needs the print job is likely not the person that created the print job in the first place.

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Key Features

  • Works with virtually all printer models and access cards/readersPlus Technologies, MPD, My-Print-Delivery. New MPD Feature Secure Queue Release (SQR), OM Plus, Output Management, Plus Technologies
  • Certified with Imprivata OneSign
  • CAC/PIV Support
  • Integration with ERP, EMR, and other “back-end” systems
  • Intelligent routing to identify MPD jobs (vs. non MPD jobs)
  • Authentication via Active Directory or 3rd party solutions
  • Does not require latest printer models (not even a display)
  • Numerous release methods
  • Features such as redirection of jobs, reprint, and archive
  • Scalable and manageable
  • Centralized queue creation
  • Advanced trouble shooting tool-set
  • Print statistics Priced by device (not user)

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