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My-Print-Delivery Enhancement Reminder

  • Date: Nov 30, 2015
  • Categories: Blog

My-Print-Delivery Enhancement Reminder

ompMPDSoftwarePlus Technologies continues to work to enhance our My-Print-Delivery (MPD) product. As a reminder some of the recent enhancements: MPD can run as an embedded solution on Lexmark, Xerox EIP 2.0+, as well as enabled HP and Dell devices. With the embedded solution one would only need a USB card reader instead of the more expensive Ethernet card readers.

Also Plus Technologies has a My-Print-Delivery ‘Express’ version that acts sort of like the simple card tap/Ethernet version. When a user taps their card, their jobs print without having to go through a select/release process. One can run the ‘Express’ and Standard version on a printer so an end user has a choice of how to release their jobs. Administrative users may want the ability to select various jobs and clinical users may just want the fastest way to get their jobs. This functionality can save money by going with the embedded/USB reader version and still giving fast or selective print release experiences.

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