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New OM Plus FM – Downtime Report

New OM Plus FM – Downtime Report

OMPlus_FMThe purpose of the New OM Plus FM – Downtime Report is to show device uptime/down time and to highlight devices that may be showing signs of failure.


Key Definitions in the Report:

  • Date Range
  • Hours in Range
    • Number of days in date range x 24 hours per day = 720
  • Asset #/IP Address/Model
    • As defined in FM
  • Business Hours
    • Hours in a defined period that the devices should be available
    • In the sample this is 209 hours over the 30 day period (Nov 1  – Nov 30)
  • Available Hours
    • These are the hours the device was not in an Alert State
    • Hours the device is alert free
    • Users can define which alert types are counted in this definition
    • Calculated by FM
  • Incident Hours
    • Some alerts will be turned into Incidents
    • Incidents will be handled by a separate system (not FM)
    • If user populates this data this will be shown here
  • Percent %
    • Available hours/business hours


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