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New Version of OM Plus DM Print Spooler Released

New Version of OM Plus DM Print Spooler Released

OM-PlusLogoPlus Technologies is constantly making changes and improving product functionality based on customer feedback. Plus Technologies does not have pre-planned release dates like many other software companies. We release new versions as they are needed by our customers so they do not have to wait.

A new version of OM Plus DM Print Spooler Software has completed QA and is now available.

This new version involves changes to the following items:

  • OM Plus DM for UNIX/LINUX
  • OM Plus DM for Windows
  • OM Plus DM User Interface (Thick Client)
  • OM Plus DM Web Interface (Thin Client)

New capabilities involve:

  • Driver Management, re-try timers, document and purge settings
  • Increased automation for fail-over printing Changes to the process for failed jobs
  • New re-direct capabilities
  • Improvements to system security management
  • Easier to use search capability in the Web Client
  • Streamlining some right click functions in the Thick Client
  • Improvements specific to the Epic EMR environment

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