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OM Plus Color Print Management System Provides Insurance Company Huge Savings

OM Plus Color Print Management System Provides Insurance Company Huge Savings

Plus Technologies’ OM Plus print spooler software is saving Western and Southern Insurance over $300,000 per year.  These savings are achieved by utilizing OM Plus spooler software to optimize color vs mono printing in the insurer’s 200 branches. Payback on the investment in Om Plus was achieved in under six months. In the first four years after the implementation the insurer will save well over $1 million dollars in expenses.

Western and Southern operates under a ‘manged print’ service contract from a printer vendor where they are charged approximately nine cents for each color page printed and less than a penny for each black/white page printed. It was discovered that many pages printed at the branch were unnecessarily printed in color. By eliminating these color pages the insurer could save over eight cents per page. When these saving are accumulated across all 200 branches the savings were significant.

Simple color printing strategies diverting color to mono based on user name or device id were not viable options as determining the appropriate documents was more complex than that. As a result, the customer turned to Plus Technologies because OM Plus is able to identify target documents on a wide range of factors such as user name, printer, plus title, file type, and content inside the document. OM Plus can also make these determinations in real time, on the fly.

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