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OM Plus Integrated with PrinterLogic for Single Server Solution

  • Date: Jun 30, 2015
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OM Plus Integrated with PrinterLogic for Single Server Solution

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OM Plus Integrated with PrinterLogic for Single Server Solution

OM Plus Delivery Manager provides Enterprise Output Management software capabilities for ‘back-end’ systems such as ERP, EMR, and accounting systems to route documents, confirm delivery, add function and streamline support for core business processes. PrinterLogic provides a solution for ‘front-end’ Microsoft print experiences to help with the overhead of driver management and print server. Historically having the two systems inter-operate has not been an issue for users as back-end and front-end processes are supported by different groups and different products within IT.

This is now starting to change as this division of responsibility between back-end and front-end is starting to go away. IT is being asked to support both back-end (ERP/EMR print experience) and front-end (ie: Microsoft print experience). Therefore they want the systems to inter-operate. In order to facilitate this request, Plus Technologies and PrinterLogic have cooperated to make their products interact seamlessly together.  Because of the way PrinterLogic works users could not use both products at the same time for the same printed documents. This issue has been alleviated with a new integrated solution.

Printer objects created in PrinterLogic’s Installer are now replicated to the Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager back-end print environment. This makes both products operate seamlessly. Both solutions help reduce the number of print servers. Now users can get the benefit of both products across both back-end and front-end printing.  This integrated solution has been in use for some time in a live customer environment.

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