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OM Plus Selected for Pull-Print and Tamper Resistant Print

  • Date: Sep 24, 2015
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OM Plus Selected for Pull-Print and Tamper Resistant Print

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OM Plus Selected for Pull-Print and Tamper Resistant Print

A healthcare organization in the pacific northwest have selected OM Plus to streamline the output from their Cerner Millennium system. Using OM Plus print software, the user will take Cerner created documents and provide document routing, pull-print, and tamper resistant prescription printing capabilities. This customer is using the Cerner product in a SaaS model. In this case, documents that are created in the Cerner data center are directed to the OM Plus system at the customer location. From this point, OM Plus is responsible for all document delivery.

The OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) module provides pull-print features needed to reduce the potential for unintended disclosure of confidential information while reducing printing costs. This customer will also utilize OM Plus Tamper Resistant Print (TRP) for the printing of prescriptions. OM Plus Tamper Resistant Print utilizes pantographic and micro print technologies to prevent unauthorized duplication of prescriptions. In addition, OM Plus TRP lowers operating costs by utilizing plain paper and laser printers instead of expensive proprietary forms and printers.

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OM Plus My-Print-DeliveryTM (MPD) Software

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) software is Plus Technologies solution for pull printing. This type of solution is also called by other names such as print release, pull printing, Follow the User style print. The idea behind the concept is to improve printing efficiencies by holding user documents in the print system until the user releases the document while physically at the printer or multifunction device itself.

OM Plus Tamper Resistant Printing (TRP)

OM Plus TRP provides an alternative to expensive pre-printed forms by providing tamper resistant printing on plain paper. TRP can take data streams directly from ERP/EMR systems, parse the necessary data, merge it with tamper resistant technology, and deliver it to popular laser printers stocked with plain paper.

Plus Technologies TRP utilizes anti-copy void pantograph technologies, microprint, and other authentication technologies. Documents created by OM Plus TRP protect our customers from unauthorized photocopying and scanning.

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