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OM Plus Stats Manager to Expand Capabilities

  • Date: Feb 08, 2016
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OM Plus Stats Manager to Expand Capabilities

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OM Plus Stats Manager to Expand Capabilities

Plus Technologies is developing an enhanced version of OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) software. Currently, SM is an OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) option that collects print spooler data such as user, pages, copies, device, date/time, and more to provide our customers with a view of print activity and cost.

Plus technologies is currently in development of new features including:

  • A data collector (DDC) that will collect device data such prints (color and mono) , copies, scans, fax, and toner swaps.
  • Import feature that allows this device data into the SM database.
  • Merge with print data from DM print spooler software.
  • Track device by department and location.
  • New reports to show device level activity and costs by activity type.
  • New reports that compares device usage by location/dept to help determine bench-marks and find outlyers.

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