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Plus Tech Web Services to Automate AS/400 Print

Plus Tech Web Services to Automate AS/400 Print

ompdmA SaaS ERP software vendor is integrating OM Plus spooling software to automate and enhance their AS/400 print operations. The AS/400 runs in the cloud (SaaS). Documents and reports created on the host AS/400 need to be printed in remote locations. Rather than use expensive and admin intensive vpn as the transport this ERP company will use the internet for print delivery and use the Plus Tech i-Sat agent. i-Sat prints over the internet and no vpn fees are incurred and no local technical expertise is required as the entire process is plug & play.

To make this solution work properly OM Plus print software has to interact seamlessly with the AS/400. Since OM Plus does not run natively run in an AS/400 environment the OM Plus Web Services module was used to integrate the two systems. This simple, easy to use web services software allows changes made on the AS/400 to be automatically captured and changed within OM Plus, greatly simplifying ongoing administration. Contact Plus Technologies for more information.

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