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Plus Technologies Introduces an E-mail to Print Solution for Smartphone and Tablet Printing

  • Date: Jun 11, 2014
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Plus Technologies Introduces an E-mail to Print Solution for Smartphone and Tablet Printing

E-mail to Print Solution for Smartphone and Tablet PrintingAs business landscapes continue to change, the need for employee mobility increases. With these users in mind, Plus Technologies has released a solution to address the need to print securely from a smartphone or tablet device.

If a user wants to print an email or its attachments they can merely forward it to a predefined e-mail address. OM Plus will monitor the in-box and automatically ingest the document. Users can set up one or more email addresses for this function as their needs require.

Once in OM Plus, the documents can be printed to a pre-determined printer or held for the OM Plus MPD (pull print, Follow the User style print) solution.

With the MPD implementations documents are held until the user identifies themselves at whichever printer they need. This MPD implementation provides printing mobility for tablet users.

OM Plus will parse the email so that the email text can be printed as well as the contents of any attachments can be printed. There is support for many formats including Office documents, PDF, HTML, Plain Text, etc.

There are several advantages to using E-Mail to Print solution from Plus Technologies:

Key Features

  • Supports all popular printer models
  • Multiple ways to release print jobs
  • Print from tablet, i-Pad or phone
  • Re-direct & re-print features
  • Print Statistics
  • No change in user print experience
  • Print mobility
  • Support for multiple formats
  • Support for Windows Apps
  • No device app required

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