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Plus Technologies Policy Update to Maintenance Renewal

  • Date: Jun 13, 2014
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Plus Technologies Policy Update to Maintenance Renewal

Plus TechnologiesPlus Technologies is updating its maintenance renewal policy.

The current maintenance renewal policy states that we notify the end user 60 days before coverage expiration of the upcoming maintenance fee invoice. This gives the customer an opportunity to review the details and identify any adjustments that may be needed. We then issue the invoice at least 30 days prior to the coverage period ending. That gives the customer a 30 day window to pay. Our expectation is for customers to pay before their coverage expires.

However, some customers hold off payment until after their coverage period expires. This puts Plus Tech in a bad position. We either continue to provide support and tolerate late payment or we cancel support. Neither option is good.  Paying after the coverage term expiration is not fair to us.

We do not want to interrupt service to our customers. Instead of canceling support immediately after coverage expires, we invoke a ‘late payment fee’. This policy change takes effect immediately.

For more information about these changes, contact Plus Technologies.

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