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Print pooling is inferior to printer load balancing

  • Date: Aug 22, 2014
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Print pooling is inferior to printer load balancing

Load BalancingPrinter pooling is a standard feature found in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Printer pooling allows several printers to share a print driver and appear as one printer.When an end user places a print job in the queue, the first available printer in the pool will take the job. The downside is documents are unevenly distributed to printers in the pool since the first available printer can continue accepting print jobs.

OM Plus printer load balancing distibutes jobs evenly across a class of printers in a true round robin fashion. Using bi-directional communications, OM Plus can detect the status of each printer. If the printer is busy, OM will direct waiting jobs to the next available print device.

Additionally, OM Plus counts pages and is able to automatically re-route jobs based on page count. The ability allows jobs to be re-routed by OM Plus from low speed to higher speed devices in real time. This improves throughput by utilizing a higher volume (and usually lower cost) printer.

For more information about this solution, contact Plus Technologies.

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