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SAP Printing Solutions

  • Date: May 02, 2014
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SAP Printing Solutions

What is OM Plus Delivery Manager Solution for SAP?

factory2Many organizations use SAP as their ERP system. Despite its widespread use, there are several limitations associated with printing in SAP. These limitations are costly and result in technical and operational inefficiencies, including:



  • No confirmation of the printing function – Users have no way of knowing if their print jobs have printed
  • No secure, pull printing – Anyone who has access to the printer can see output
  • No automated fail-over – If a printer fails, jobs do not print or will need to be reprinted
  • No central print administration – Adding print devices is a manual process

OM Plus Delivery Manager maximizes efficiency via a “call- back” RFC implementation with SAP. OM Plus ingests & manages the delivery of print jobs from one or more SAP servers using the defined process. OM Plus can track & report the status of each SAP print job back to the SAP user’s interface as well as interactively providing printer status in SAP or outside of it in a number of ways, providing flexible, enterprise control and visibility.
Benefits of OM Plus Delivery Manager Solution for SAP

  • OM Plus Delivery Manager is less expensive than most alternatives
  • Plus Technologies has experience and expertise with numerous SAP installations
  • More print spooling features available than most alternative
  • Easier to install, use  & maintain than alternative solution

For more information, contact Plus Technologies.

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