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Industry Experts Confirm Savings from Pull-Print

  • Date: Aug 29, 2016
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Industry Experts Confirm Savings from Pull-Print

Pull-Print, MPD, My-Print-Delivery, Save Money

Savings from Pull-Print

Research confirms that pull-print solutions (also know as print release and Follow the User style print) save cost.
Data from Managed Print Services providers indicates a 15% reduction in print volume when a pull-print solution is in place. Customers can estimate the amount of “indicative” cost savings by multiplying the number of employees x 400 pages per month (avg employee print volume) x 15% (pages saved) x $0.03 (avg cost per page). Of course, individual circumstances could vary significantly but these averages should provide a general idea of potential cost benefit. In addition to reduced pages printed pull print solutions add security as printed documents are not left unattended Plus Technologies‘ pull-print product is called OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD).

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD)

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) software is Plus Technologies solution for pull printing. This type of solution is also called by other names such as print release, pull printing, Follow the User style print. The idea behind the concept is to improve printing efficiencies by holding user documents in the print system until the user releases the document while physically at the printer or multi-function device itself.

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