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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud-based Print Management Software

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud-based Print Management Software

Cloud-based Print Management SoftwareCloud based printing has come a long way in a short amount of time. Services like Google Cloud Print offer the promise to print from anywhere at any time. But is this really true?

Google Cloud Print Has No Advanced Features or Functionality

If you require advanced output management functions and features only found in print management software like OM Plus i-Sat, then the answer is no. Features like load balancing, automatic failover, intelligent context based routing, print confirmation, color control, and label and forms management are absent in service like Google Cloud Print.

Software as a Service

What if your organization is reliant on SaaS cloud-based solutions where software applications are hosted somewhere else? SaaS providers often require the end users to do all printing functions from their workstations. Documents are usually downloaded from the SaaS provider’s server to the workstation and then converted into a pdf file that is then printed locally. This process might be fine for front end documents like spreadsheets and word documents but it does not address the need to print mission critical business-related documents that have no user interaction.

Organization need to have confidence that their invoices, pick tickets, labels, pack lists, financial reports, checks, patient records and lab reports are going to print correctly and on time. What happens if a printer fails? Is reprinting an option? In the event of a printer failure, wouldn’t be nice to have the option to automatically re-route the documents to another printer and notify technical support of the printer failure?

These limitations can also directly affect your customers. What if a customer is at an auto dealership and the customer service representative is unable to print an estimate? It is unlikely that the SaaS provider’s help desk will go out of their way to help an end user in this situation. They will simply say, “Sorry, it’s not my problem!”  Not only is this answer unsatisfactory but it can also give a negative impression of your company.

The Need for Back End/Back Office Printing

Google Cloud Print only addresses the need to print from applications that utilize front end printing technology. Printing from a back-end ERP application like SAP is not an option. Health care professionals frequently use EMR or EHR medical records software like Epic, Cerner or Allscripts. Often, their solutions are hosted through a SaaS cloud-based provider. How do they print? What about printing from a legacy AS400 or mainframe system?

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To get around these issues, companies will implement a virtual private network (VPN) for back-end printing. There are several disadvantages to using a secure VPN and it may not be a secure as you think. First, VPN is difficult to implement, configure and manage. Second, it can be very expensive.  Lastly, VPN poses security risks by granting virtual members access to the network. If the users accessing your VPN are not actually part of your organization, there is little to no control over whether their systems have been compromised or exposed to malware or viruses.

Remote or Satellite Offices

What if your company has remote satellite offices, affiliate organizations, clinics or labs that are not geographically connected to your company’s main office? How do these employees print from back end applications? Are you using VPN? Is it practical or expensive? Do you worry about security?

Support Challenges

Are there IT staff or technical support staff employed at your satellite offices? What happens when there’s an issue related to printing?

The Answer

Cloud-based Print Management Software for enterprise

OM Plus i-Sat software was developed to address the various issues related to cloud-based print. i-Sat works by installing print management software called OM Plus Delivery Manager on the application server. An i-Sat agent is installed at each satellite or remote location. An i-Sat agent is a small software module that can seamlessly pull print from the OM Plus Delivery Manager host system over the internet, securely and requires no human interaction.

The top 5 Reasons to Implement Cloud-based Print Management Software Include:

  1. i-Sat provides seamless cloud-based back-end printing for ERP, EMR, Mainframe, AS400 and accounting systems.
  1. i-Sat reduces the overhead associated with VPN and requires no persistent connection.
  1. i-Sat requires no technical expertise onsite and is largely plug-and-play ready. I-Sat is offered as a software component or it can be installed on an appliance. The end user merely plugs the applicance into the wall and it performs all its tasks by itself.
  1. i-Sat includes all of the advanced functions and features found in print management software such as re-routing, automated failover, load balancing, color control and label management.
  1. i-Sat lowers the cost of printing. By removing the need for expensive VPN technology and dedicated support staff. Companies will see a substantial savings in their print environment.

If you would like to see a demo of our software or if you would like to speak to one of our customer service representative about this solution, please go to our website’s contact page or call us at +1-877-899-7587.

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