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US Military Using OM Plus

  • Date: Oct 28, 2016
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US Military Using OM Plus

US Military, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, DADMSUS Military Using OM Plus

The US Military has a select group of printers where they print sensitive information. In this environment they basically want to know who is printing what and when. In addition, the Military wants to protect the document from being copied/scanned/fax and protect the data in the document from being altered. Lastly, the sensitive data has a limited useful life, so they want the reader to easily know if the data in the document is still valid.

We met all the requirements by creating a solution based on our OM Plus software suite.

First, to address the who, what, when requirement, our solution interrogates the print workflow for pertinent information. This information is put in a header on each page and contains user name, time/date and page of pages

Second, to provide some protection against these documents being copied or the information in the document from being altered, our solution injects an electronic ‘COPY’ pantograph background on the pages. This technology causes the word ‘COPY’ to pop out of the gray background if it is copied/scanned/faxed. It also has an image/logo of the U.S. Military on the page. Parts of that image will disappear or become illegible if copied/scanned/faxed. Additionally, the gray background prevents altering the contents of the document because if someone tries to ‘lift off’ or ‘erase/replace’ the content, it will disturb the grey background and be apparent to the reader.

Third, the sensitive information in the document has a limited useful life so after a certain date, it is no longer valid. To meet this requirement, our solution runs a formula against the print date to come up with an expiration date. This date is put in a footer on each page. This is done so a reader can quickly see if the data in the document is still valid.

DADMS stands for DON Application and Database Management System (DADMS)

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