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What is cloud print and what are the benefits?

What is cloud print and what are the benefits?

Cloud printing is a technology that allows web-enabled devices to connect to printers located at virtually anywhere. In the past, printing required users to the participant on a companies’ network. Sometimes this required an expensive VPN configuration and administration. With cloud printing, networks, VPN and cables are no longer required.

OM Plus i-Sat from Plus Technologies is simple, easy to install, easy to use, cloud enabled, printing software that is ideal for organizations that need to print from ERP/EMR and other back-end applications to remote sites such as, satellite offices, affiliate organizations, business partners, and home offices. OM Plus i-Sat includes a small application for the remote location that uses cloud enabled, secure web services to “pull” print jobs from the host application without the vulnerabilities of a VPN connection. No expensive VPN. No persistent connection is required.  No technical expertise is needed at the remote location. Print is delivered safely and securely.

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