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CurrentOM Plus Versions

Current OM Plus Versions

Version History and Current OM Plus Versions. Customers with OM Plus 2.4.1 or earlier will need to upgrade to a new version to receive support.

Current OM Plus Versions

ProductVersionRelease DateBug Fixes and Enhancements
Delivery Manager (DM) (Windows)2.8.00053/20/2018Increased class efficiency for print jobs.
Delivery Manager (DM) (Unix)2.8.000111/07/2017Increased Max printers from 7500 to 10000 per server, OM Plus servers now have roles specified (Stand Alone, Primary/Backup OMS), Built in Server level failover and the OM Plus Mode Protocol has been made more efficient.
Thick Client2.8.00033/22/2018Fixed a parameter to prevent crashed screen with an ArrayIndexOutofBounds exception. Requires Delivery Manager version 2.8.0001 or greater
Web Client2.4.00013/26/2018EPS map definitions added to Request Status Screen, additional security features included and tool tips added on the Manage Destinations screen.
Requires Delivery Manager version 2.8.0001
My-Print-Delivery (MPD)4.0.000412/07/2017Key features added called Secure Queue Release (SQR) in which an authorized user can release any job assigned to the Secure Queue. An upgrade to the Secure User Release (SUR) methodology. Other features included are printer based authentication on all esF based solutions. This feature prevents the need for redundant card swipes. MPD now supports multiple OMPlus Delivery Manager hosts for job searches and failover.
Stats Manager I/II (SM) of Stats II device data. Requires Delivery Manager version or greater
Fleet Manager (FM)0.4.07/27/2015Add device uptime reporting, page count threshold alerting, device target volume and updated model database.
i-Sat1.1.0.258/18/2016Improved user feedback during installation and uninstallation. Requires Delivery Manager version
Tamper Resistant Print Universal (TRP)2.6.001510/20/2016Changed the way pantograph is inserted.
Tamper Resistant Print Lexmark (TRP)2.7.00063/02/2018Updated FLS files by Lexmark to remove lower end printers.
SAP BC-XOM4.02/8/2016For Delivery Manager 2.6.
Customers with OM Plus 2.4.1 or earlier will need to upgrade to a new version to receive support.

Plus Technologies' Versions

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  • Version numbers may change frequently
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