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  • Date: Nov 02, 2015


OM Plus DM I-SAT Maintenance

The i-Sat interface provides an additional means of managing printers defined to different remote i-Sat units. This can also be done on an individual destination basis through the “poll mode” field on the destination configuration screen.

Creating a New I-SAT

To create a new i-Sat, right click on the host name and select “Add i-Sat.” A dialog will appear asking for the name of the new i-Sat.

Removing an I-SAT

To remove an i-Sat, select the i-Sat in the tree and right click on the i-Sat name. Select “Remove i-Sat.”

Adding a Device To An I-SAT

Right click on the i-Sat name and select “Add i-Sat destination.” Select the destination to be added to the i-Sat.

Removing a Device from an I-SAT

To remove a device, right click on the device name and select “remove.”

Push Update

Right clicking on an i-Sat and selecting “push update” will force the OM Plus server to update the remote i-Sat with a list of destinations that should be defined on that system.

Request Log

This option will display a copy of the log for the selected i-Sat on the local machine. This process can be very useful for remote troubleshooting.

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