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Amtrak Selects OM Plus Print Management Software

  • Date: May 20, 2019

Amtrak Selects OM Plus Print Management Software

May 20, 2019, Dayton, OH–Amtrak, a North American passenger railroad service has purchased and implemented OM Plus print management software. Amtrak selected OM Plus to manage their print output delivery while migrating from a legacy application to a new cloud-based solution.


It is imperative that train bulletins are printed on time and without interruption. All trains must have their train bulletins printed before they can proceed to their next stop. Copies of the documents are sent to various crew members such as, the conductor and engineers.


OM Plus manages the output from both the legacy application and the new cloud-based service and delivers documents to various printers across the network. The implementation includes a redundant server/cluster configuration to reduce down-times and provide high availability printing.


OM Plus also ingests email documents from the company’s Outlook 365 web mail service. OM Plus inspects data contained in the email, inspects the sender’s information, and the dynamically routes the jobs based on those findings. Extra formatting can be applied, and printer tray selection can be invoked.

OM Plus has been integrated with PrinterLogic’s Print Installer software for a complete front end and back end print solution.


OM Plus Delivery Manager Print Management Software

OM Plus Delivery Manager is an enterprise level solution that manages, monitors and delivers the output created by enterprise systems like Oracle, ERP, SaaS applications, accounting systems, and many others. Delivery Manager adds value to organizations by bundling, organizing, enhancing, dynamically routing, securing, and delivering business documents to where they need to be to improve key business processes. Delivery Manager also improves the reliability, recover-ability, and scalability of native spooling systems.


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