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Automotive Industries Continue to Embrace Print Management Software

  • Date: May 31, 2018

Automotive Industries Continue to Embrace Print Management Software

May 30, 2018, Dayton, Ohio – As technologies and business processes continue to change and evolve, the need for enterprise print management software continues to be on the rise across many industries. For Plus Technologies, the automotive industry has been adapting these technologies over the last few years at a rapid rate.  Some of these companies include Mazda, Toyota, Porsche, Johnson Controls/Adient, Magna, Reynolds and Reynolds, Renault, Michelin, and DealerTrack.

Automotive dealer solutions that incorporate SaaS technology like the solution from DealerTrack take advantage of the features found in OM Plus print management software.  Dealers create documents at the host end (SaaS) and securely deliver the job over the internet to the dealership where documents are printed locally. The print management solution eliminates the need for expensive and complex VPN technologies.

Plus Technologies is pleased to report that Daimler AG recently purchased OM Plus Delivery Manager for their output management software needs. The customer required an enterprise print management solution to support their Suse Linux and JBOSS environments. High availability, ability to reduce costs associated with high downtime, reduction of print errors, scalability, and the reliability of OM Plus Delivery Manager factored greatly into their decision to purchase the software.

For organizations that rely on production line printing, OM Plus software has many attractive value-added benefits.

  • Reduces print errors
  • Automated print fail-over
  • Instantaneous back up in case of failure
  • Print confirmation to host ERP systems like SAP
  • Adds scalability and reliability


OM Plus Delivery Manager Print Management Software

OM Plus Delivery Manager is enterprise level software that routes the output created by enterprise systems like EMR, ERP, accounting systems, and others. Delivery Manager adds value to organizations by organizing, enhancing, dynamically routing, securing, and delivering business documents to where they need to be to improve key business processes. Delivery Manager also improves the reliability, recover-ability, and scalability of native spooling systems which saves on maintenance and support costs.

Delivery Manager provides a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Confirmation of print to the tray
  • Error notification
  • Printer queue management
  • High availability
  • Scalability
  • EMR/Epic print automation
  • SAP print
  • Automated fail-over
  • Load balancing,
  • Label printing
  • Forms printing
  • High volume printing


About Plus Technologies LLC

Plus Technologies provides enterprise output management and print software to customers including corporations, government and healthcare organizations. Many of our customers are leaders in their field and are listed in the Fortune 500. Plus Technologies solutions are based on the “OM Plus Software Suite”. Each software product can stand on its own or can be integrated with the other OM Plus software products, as needed, to solve unique document related business problems. For more information, please visit

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