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Epic Print Management Solution

Epic Print Solutions

Why you need an Epic and Enterprise Print Management Solution

Printing from Epic, Enterprise, and desktop applications is a complex process involving multiple data streams, workflows, servers, operating systems, data transformations, and numerous networks supporting printers at multiple locations. With the disparate native utilities that “out-of-the-box” healthcare applications and desktop implementations rely upon, this type of environment provides many challenges for users trying to manage it.

Multiple staff skills and toolsets are required for configuring and supporting the environment. Troubleshooting problems requires looking at multiple systems and trying to patch together various systems information to try and track down a problem. Support desk personnel respond to problems in a reactive manner. Print queues are redundantly defined across multiple systems. Without an Enterprise Output Management Solution like OM Plus, addressing and resolving issues can take days. This affects system availability which in turn affects user productivity, satisfaction, and ultimately patient care.

Popular Benefits of our Epic – Enterprise Output Management Solutions

  • Define print queues once for Epic backend and frontend printing. No more redundant queues across Epic EPS backend servers and Windows frontend print servers.
  • Centralized Management of print workflows across many systems and their segmented hops on the way to printers.
  • Replaces the problematic “send and forget” ftp transfer process between Cache and EPS servers with a secure, encrypted, traceable, and confirmed delivery process.
  • Removes need for third party load balancers between Cache and EPS servers. OM Plus provides load balancing across EPS servers and the instances within the EPS servers.
  • OM Plus is integrated with Epic for familiar operation.
  • Reduces print delivery burden on EPS servers and other application and print servers.
  • OM Plus reduces the number of dedicated Windows print servers.
  • OM Plus removes the confusion of problem ownership across Windows/Unix/Linux/Network/Printers. One person can see the entire environment from OM Plus UI.
  • OM Plus job tracking, logging, diagnostic tools provide quick problem identification and resolution.
  • Easily retain, redirect and/or restart print jobs, manually or automatically.
  • Reprint jobs without recreating/respooling (ertf and other jobs).
  • Advanced delivery rules:
    • Tray assignments
    • My-Print-Delivery (MPD), print release with optional Imprivata print release authentication.
    • Rx Print, tamper resistant Rx printing utilizing electronic forms and plain paper.
    • i-Sat, backend printing to remote clinics via secure internet conduit. (no more VPN’s).
    • Enforce Black and White printing and many more…
  • Provides Load Balancing and High Availability across servers and printers.
  • Informative, pro-active alert notifications and print confirmation.
  • Collection and analysis of print usage information, who, what, when, where, cost, and more. (Provides information for compliance enforcement, security audits, print environment utilization for optimization, and more).
  • Provides a more Reliable, Scalable, and Secure print infrastructure that improves operational efficiency which in turn improves patient care.

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