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Print Solutions for Shipping Documents, Manufacturing, and Logistics

Plus Technologies has been providing shipping document solutions to manufacturing, warehousing, and logistic organizations for many years and has a significant installed base of customers in this market. OM Plus is a printing management solution that works seamlessly with the major WMS (warehouse management), ERP and other applications in this space, including SAP, MFG-Pro and many others.

Plus Technologies’ print software solutions streamline the printing process for shipping documents, as well as printing of pick tickets, pack lists, bills of lading, and other documents. Our customer list includes large and small organizations in US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East. Moreover, we have provided production line warehousing and shipping document solutions for customers including the largest grocery chain in the U.S., the largest distributor of computers (SAP user), the largest manufacturer of appliances in the U.S., and many others.

Plus Technologies OM Plus printing management solution can seamlessly ingest print jobs from multiple systems that create the shipping documents then is able to sort them into the correct order so that all documents going to a single printer arrive together. Our print software communicates bi-directionally with printers so we are aware of print failures. Additionally, OM Plus print software can intelligently fail-over to an alternate device and notify the helpdesk of the problem. In addition, our print software can also load balance across multiple devices to increase capacity. Furthermore, there are many other features available as well. Specifically, for more information, please contact us.

As can be seen, a partial list of print software solutions used in shipping document environments and manufacturing related warehouses are listed below. All in all, a complete list of solutions is located on our print solutions page.


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