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Device Based SNMP Data Added To OM Plus Stats Manager

  • Date: Dec 28, 2015

Device Based SNMP Data Added To OM Plus Stats Manager

Dayton, Ohio, December 28, 2015 – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of SNMP technology to its OM Plus Stats Manager software. This new functionality enhances the current feature set to provide a unique and insightful view of print environments.

OM Plus Stats Manager currently provides print statistics from OM Plus Delivery Manager. This includes information about print jobs such as, user, printer, pages, date/time, copies and more. With this added functionality, OM Plus Stats Manager can now provide printer page counts, copy counts, scan counts, toner usage and more.

OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) enables organizations to analyze and understand the who, what, and where of printing in their enterprise. It is a database driven solution that provides reporting and ad hoc query capabilities. Stats Manager provides information useful for insuring HIPAA compliance/auditing and enables organizations to understand how their current environment is being used so it can be optimized as necessary. Costs can be associated with the usage data. Reports can be generated to show jobs ‘not’ printed, to illustrate ‘Green’ savings. Optionally, the data can be exported to other reporting and analysis software tools for data mining and further analysis.

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