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Network Security and Hacking Attacks Addressed in OM Plus i-Sat

  • Date: Jan 26, 2015

Network Security and Hacking Attacks Addressed in OM Plus i-Sat

Dayton, Ohio, January 26, 2015 – Network security and hacking attacks have become hot button issues in recent news headlines. Many retail stores and even Sony have been targets of hackers. Network and internet security is becoming a serious issue and improving security is a foremost concern of many organizations.

Printing from ERP, EMR and other core business in distributed environment (branches, labs, stores, and consultants) opens the door to potential vulnerabilities. Printing in these environments poses legitimate security concerns.

How are systems vulnerable in distributed print environments?

  • Remote sites/users are provided access to back-end systems like ERP and EMR systems
  • Access to non-organic employees like doc offices, labs, contractors, retail employees
  • No control over systems used at remote locations – cannot verify viruses and malicious software
  • Access to back-end systems for print can expose a network to potential hacks, viruses or other attack

The issue is allowing access to core back-end corporate systems from remote locations. Plus Technologies’i-Sat Solutions” address these concerns.

  1. Do not allow access to core systems from non-organic employees or remote locations
  2. Export all print to an independent print system that is in the ‘glass house’, under strict controls and safe
  3. Remote users only get access to the IPS not the core back-end systems
  4. Standardize the remote system with a standard safe software called i-Sat
  5. IPS only takes calls from i-Sat, no one else and no access to the core systems
  6. Secure connection via web services and the internet. No network access
  7. Only ‘push’ from IPS when known i-Sat user is authenticated
  8. Compress and encrypt data

With i-Sat implementations:

  • No access ever to back-end system
  • End users are authenticated
  • Completely enclosed and safe system

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