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New Updates for Pull Printing Solution from Plus Technologies

  • Date: Apr 30, 2018

New Updates for Pull Printing Solution from Plus Technologies

Dayton, OH, April 30, 2018 – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce the release of OM Plus My-Print-Delivery 4.0x software.  This new version includes many improvements and new features. One exciting new feature included in this upgrade is the introduction of the Secure Queue Release (SQR) module. Users can securely tap using the printer’s card reader and release print jobs associated with different virtual print queues, at an enabled printer. Unlike, previous versions of My-Print-Delivery, the user releasing a print job does not have to be the user that originally submitted the job. This is a perfect solution for exam rooms in healthcare environments.


“Pull printing/Print release solutions are very important to our customers. Plus Technologies is dedicated to improving and evolving our My-Print-Delivery to meet customer’s wants and needs,” said Mike Visser, President of Plus Technologies.


With the addition of Secure Queue Release, there are now three primary release methods in My-Print-Delivery including, Secure User Release, and Secure Express Release.

Secure User Release

This is the most common method and the default configuration for most customers. It allows users to walk up to any enabled device, authenticate with a badge tap or through manual authentication, then select and release jobs.


Secure Express Release

Using this method, a user authenticates through a badge tap and all their currently held documents are released for printing without having to go through any additional menus or screen touches.


Additional features in My-Print-Delivery 4.0x include:

Card Reader Update and Update Requirements

  • MPD version 4 adds support for Elatec TCPConv2 network-based card reader.
  • MPD 4.0 continues support for legacy embedded applications so device fleet updating is not required.
  • To enable the new Secure Release functions, version 4.0 of MPD Server is required. Any devices requiring the new functionality would need the embedded application updated.


My-Print-Delivery Provides Security and Confidentiality

Users of My-Print-Delivery will see no change to their normal workstation print experience. Instead of documents printing immediately, they are held by the My-Print-Delivery system until the user is ready to print. The user can simply walk up to a printer of their choice, authenticate via an ID badge or some other means, and My-Print-Delivery will send their available documents to the printer where they are standing. This ensures that no documents are left unattended while allowing for greater mobility.


Benefits of My-Print-Delivery

  • A focus on security, confidentiality, and compliance. Documents left unattended are minimized.
  • Cost savings: My-Print-Delivery can reduce print volumes by 15%-20%.
  • Mobility: Users can release jobs to any printer they are authorized to use.
  • Security: Authenticated users can only see and release their authorized print jobs.
  • Greater savings are achieved through lower volumes.
  • My-Print-Delivery works with all printer manufacturers.
  • My-Print-Delivery can overcome VDI mobility issues.
  • Green: This solution will allow your organization to use less paper and less toner.

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