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OM Plus Delivery Manager Software Selected by Nations Largest Community College

  • Date: Feb 28, 2012

OM Plus Delivery Manager Software Selected by Nations Largest Community College

Dayton, Ohio, February 28, 2012 – Plus Technologies announces that its OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) print software (OM Plus DM) has been selected by the nation’s largest Community College to enhance their network printing operations.

OM Plus DM will enable the community college to centralize its print administrative function as it supports printing operations in 26 different campus locations. OM Plus will provide numerous enhanced print functions that will improve the efficiency and lower print costs. Some of the functions available in the OM Plus print software not available in the Linux print spooler include print job restart, redirect, reprint, viewing, archiving, and the use of a user friendly print management interface. In addition, using OM Plus DM simplifies the print architecture and reduces the total number of print queues thereby reducing system overhead. Users will access the OM Plus DM system via a browser interface where they have an enterprise wide view of all print jobs, all printers, and their status.

To simplify its environment, the Indiana community college underwent a migration from IBM mainframe and AIX Unix to Linux. The new system architecture and related IT reorganization brought new administrative needs relating to print capabilities. The native Linux print subsystem is lacking the scalability, reliability, and functionality required to support the customer’s needs related to the printing of administrative computing documents such as transcripts, bills, statements, checks, accounting reports, human resources records, scheduling reports, etc. Plus Technologies worked with the community college in the areas of technical support, software licensing, and pricing to provide them a customized package that met their specific needs. This flexibility along with the performance of the print software itself created a superior solution.

Plus Technologies OM Plus print software differentiates itself from the competition in a number of ways. OM Plus provides ample flexibility. Users have the option of thick or thin clients; there are no user, OS, or web server/browser limitations. Plus Technologies also offers various licensing models, support options, and services. In addition, OM Plus is easy to setup and install and most importantly, increases the speed and reliability of your print operations.

Other users of Plus Technologies print software in the education market include: Auburn University, Birmingham City Board of Education, Columbus Public Schools, Huntsville City Schools, Kansas State University, Long Beach School District, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, Penn State University, Pittsburg State University, Rutgers University, Ryerson Polytech University, Santa Clara University, University of Central Florida, University of Idaho, University of Louisville, University of Utah.

For more information about the information contained in this release please contact Plus Technologies at [email protected]

About Plus Technologies LLC

Since 1994, Plus Technologies has been providing print management software to corporate, government and health care organizations in over 30 countries worldwide. Plus Technologies has been selected by many Fortune 500 companies who are leaders in their markets.

Plus Technologies provides solutions based on their output management suite of products including OM Plus Delivery Manager (print job spooling and delivery), OM Plus Fleet Manager (consumables, printer error and usage management system), and OM Plus Report Manager (electronic report distribution system). We call this collection of software products the OM Plus Software Suite. Plus Technologies also provides custom programming services in the area of output management for organizations.

Plus Technologies has extensive experience in combining their output management software products with a strong implementation services capability to create ‘solutions’ that are as unique as the customer’s problems. In addition, Plus Technologies solutions are known to be very cost effective as the company provides flexible pricing options including utility billing, subscription, and initial license fee licenses.

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