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OM Plus Fleet Manager Software Used in Large California School District

  • Date: Jul 02, 2012

OM Plus Fleet Manager Software Used in Large California School District

Dayton, Ohio, July 2, 2012 – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce that its partner, GES (Global Environmental Services), has rolled out Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) software as a part of their managed print services offering. GES and Plus Technologies recently formed a partnership in which GES enhanced their managed print service capabilities by standardizing on the OM Plus Suite of enterprise print software tools.

Plus Technologies’ printer fleet management software is in use at a large K-12 school district in Southern California. The school district is equipped with approximately 2,200 print devices spread across 50 campuses, which GES is responsible for managing. The devices range from standard desktop printers to enterprise MFPs.

At regular intervals, OM Plus Fleet Manager software polls each print device in the school district to collect device health, consumables information, and detailed usage metrics. One of the uses for this information is the automation of toner replenishment. OM Plus Fleet Manager monitors toner consumption and alerts a services manager when a replacement cartridge needs to be ordered. In a separate action, OM Plus will also inform the user of the best time to replace toner to achieve the optimal use of the cartridge.

In addition, OM Plus Fleet Manager software provides the service managers with device metrics such as mono pages printed, color pages printed, copies, scans, and fax usage. This assists the service provider in billing and equipment optimization.

By identifying printers with technical problems, OM Plus Fleet Manager helps the service provider deploy the correct resource and parts so that repair can happen quickly. In this way, OM Plus Fleet Manager printer fleet management software can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase printer fleet uptime.

OM Plus Fleet Manager is offered in an ASP model where the customer need not deploy the application on site. A small software module called a Device Data Collector (DDC) resides at the customer site collecting printer information. It then transmits this data via the internet to a hosted server elsewhere. Service providers access the customer data over the internet in an easy to use manner via a browser interface.

Plus Technologies print software is geared toward adding value to the offering of MPS providers. In addition to managing the print fleet, OM Plus software suite also enhances the printing experience. OM Plus Delivery Manager software provides advanced, intelligent print spooling software designed to seamlessly complement enterprise software applications. OM Plus will seamlessly ingest print jobs from multiple application servers and provide superior delivery functionality. OM Plus software allows for end-to-end control by providing confirmation/notification (to the tray), fail-over, load balancing, labels, etc.

The OM Plus software suite from Plus Technologies is different from other fleet management tools in the market. Not only does OM Plus provide the most flexible (host it anywhere – even on customer site), most extensible fleet management solution, it will manage the “printing function” as well. The OM Plus software suite can be parameterized, combined with other software modules, or extended through services to create solutions for a wide range of enterprise print environments.

For more information about the information contained in this release please contact Plus Technologies at [email protected]

About Plus Technologies LLC

Since 1994, Plus Technologies has been providing print management software to corporate, government and health care organizations in over 30 countries worldwide. Plus Technologies has been selected by many Fortune 500 companies who are leaders in their markets.

Plus Technologies provides solutions based on their output management suite of products including OM Plus Delivery Manager (print job spooling and delivery), OM Plus Fleet Manager (consumables, printer error and usage management system), and OM Plus Report Manager (electronic report distribution system). We call this collection of software products the OM Plus Software Suite. Plus Technologies also provides custom programming services in the area of output management for organizations.

Plus Technologies has extensive experience in combining their output management software products with a strong implementation services capability to create ‘solutions’ that are as unique as the customer’s problems. In addition, Plus Technologies solutions are known to be very cost effective as the company provides flexible pricing options including utility billing, subscription, and initial license fee licenses.

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