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OMS in the SAP Print Environment

  • Date: Jan 06, 2021

OMS in the SAP Print Environment

January 6, 2021, Dayton, Ohio – Plus Technologies is an industry leader in offering enterprise printing solutions to help organizations securely and efficiently distribute SAP documents enterprise-wide. OM Plus software helps enterprises automate, streamline, reduce errors, improve productivity lines while lowering operational costs.

With OM Plus for SAP Print, businesses can avoid printing issues related to labels, pick tickets, bills of lading, or compliance documents. The software ensures that the organizations have the real-time printer status of each job inside SAP while confirming Document Delivery all the way to the printer tray. Plus Technologies has successfully completed the certification of BC-XOM for its OM Plus print management software, ensuring that business processes can connect to diverse output channels (digital, cloud, printing,) so your processes become streamlined.

Why Use OM Plus™ for SAP Print?

Improve Production Line Efficiency
Automated print failover and proactive alert notifications help eliminate print failures and interruption to production lines.

Automated Packet Creation
OM Plus smartly routes print jobs when trigger matches are found in documents. The software collates documents into packs and delivers them to specific users or departments in a timely manner.

Seamless Certified Integration
Full integration across multiple platforms. OM Plus integrates seamlessly with popular ERP and SAP systems for ease of use.

Centralized View
OM Plus lets administrators view and modify their print environment from one central point of control – giving complete freedom to control print activities from SAP and non-SAP output.

Scalable OMS
OM Plus can be scaled up or down with the changing needs of the business environment.

Speaking about their printer management software, the spokesperson at Plus Technologies said, “As an innovative software company and as an SAP partner, Plus Technologies works with SAP to offer reliable external output management system and distribution of documents. With 1000+ happy customers across the world, we help to effectively meet your customers’ demand for accurate, prompt, relevant, timely, and custom services.”

About Plus Technologies LLC
Plus Technologies provides enterprise output management (EOM) and print software to customers, including corporations, government, and healthcare organizations. Many of our customers are leaders in their field and are listed in the Fortune 500. Plus Technologies solutions are based on the “OM Plus Software Suite.” Each software product can stand on its own or can be integrated with the other OM Plus software products, as needed, to solve unique document related business problems. Get a free trial today.

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