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Plus Technologies Announces OM Plus Logistics Solution Implemented at Whirlpool

  • Date: Dec 23, 2008

Plus Technologies Announces OM Plus Logistics Solution Implemented at Whirlpool

DAYTON, OHIO, December 23, 2008 – Plus Technologies announced today the implementation of an OM Plus based logistics solution at Whirlpool Corporation to facilitate their migration from a large, big batch production environment to a build to order production environment. In order to facilitate and deliver on this new philosophy of production, Whirlpool needed an output solution that would assure that production labels printed within 20 seconds on their designated Zebra label printer or failover to an alternate Zebra label printer to ensure that the production process does not stop. The labels instruct production line workers on what parts to put on the build to order refrigerator as it travels through production.

Plus Technologies has implemented this exact solution for Whirlpool based on OM Plus along with some Professional Services delivered by our services team. In addition to the failover capability, the team delivered on the promise of “no duplicates” to Whirlpool. The solution had to be robust enough to failover within 20 seconds to the alternate device so the label could be generated during the 30 second window allowed and it had to assure that no label is printed twice. This had been a problem for the customer when relying on the native print spooler on their servers. Re-starting on the next label was not possible and failover was nearly as problematic.

Plus Technologies has implemented this solution in a pilot for Whirlpool and the roll out to their 13 other plants has begun.

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