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US Courts System Selects OM Plus Print Management Software

  • Date: Oct 26, 2018

US Courts System Selects OM Plus Print Management Software

October 20, 2018, Dayton, Ohio – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce the Administrative Office for US Court System has selected OM Plus print management software. The customer required a solution to automate the delivery of faxes, remedy frequent Windows print spooling crashes, and address various print reliability issues.

This solution required many customizations and configurations to the core OM Plus product. Plus Technologies’ flexibility and a quick development cycle contributed greatly to the customer choice in selecting OM Plus over other vendors.


By taking advantage of the many print management features of OM Plus, fax documents are ingested into OM Plus from the company’s central fax system where PDF to postscript transformation is applied, and documents are intelligently routed and delivered to the appropriate network printer. The print confirmation features of OM Plus are applied to guarantee delivery of documents all the way to the printer’s output tray. If there is a problem, OM Plus can failover to an alternate printer and an alert detailing the issue is sent to the appropriate support staff.


Features of this solution

  • Delivery and confirmation to a wide variety of printers and multi-function devices from several manufacturers
  • The ability to parse and intelligently route documents based on associated metadata
  • Transformation /conversion of PDF files into Postscript to ensure printer compatibility
  • Confirmed document delivery all the way to the printer’s output tray
  • Failover to alternate printers and alert support staff through email notification
  • Ability to archive documents to a directory


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