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A large auto supply company chooses OM Plus Delivery Manager for SAP printing

  • Date: Nov 29, 2013
  • Categories: Blog

A large auto supply company chooses OM Plus Delivery Manager for SAP printing

A large auto supply company that services customers in over 150 countries has selected OM Plus DM for SAP printing. The company uses a combination of QAD and SAP over multiple server system serving over 500 printers for its ERP solution. Since QAD and SAP R3 rely on the limited native Operating System for printing, they began looking for a solution with greater reliabilty and functionality.

The customer needed a solution that could perform page level restarts, load balancing, pick/pack/ship, intelligent routing, bundling, E-Forms, and tranformations. In addition, the customer wanted to save on administation costs.

With OM Plus (DM), the customer was able to overcome the limitations of native spooling systems which gave them the much needed features they required. With the friendly easy to use GUI interface and advanced troubleshooting tools/ logging, adminstrative costs were addressed as well.

Plus Technologies’ OM Plus print spooler is SAP BC-XOM certified for both “polling” and “call- back” implementations of SAP. OM Plus will ingest and manage the delivery of print jobs from one or more AP servers using the defined BC-XOM process. OM Plus can track and report the status of each SAP print job back into the SAP user’s interface. OM Plus Delivery Manager has maintained a current SAP certification since 2001.

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