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A Midwest Healthcare Organization Adds More OM Plus Print Software Licenses

  • Date: Apr 10, 2014
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A Midwest Healthcare Organization Adds More OM Plus Print Software Licenses

bigstock-Doctor-holding-digital-tablet--30976769A healthcare organization located in the Midwest has added additional OM Plus licenses. The order will double their current capacity which takes advantage of OM Plus’ Tamper Resistant Rx Printing solution.

The organization implemented Tamper Resistant Rx Printing from Plus Technologies to lower the cost of printing and eliminated the need for pre-printed forms. The solution also includes multiple government approved safety features that eliminates unlawful copying of prescriptions.

The Tamper Resistant RX Printing solution that uses OM Plus Delivery Manager to print tamper resistant prescriptions on plain paper. No locking drawers or expensive pre-printed forms are required. Plus Technologies’ Tamper Resistant Prescription Solution provides a pantograph background that states “VOID” if copied. The original document states “Original Prescription” at the top in a micro print border, and when it’s copied, that text is not readable. There is also a security warning box at the bottom of the page and we provide anti-erasure and anti-lift off features.

For more information on this solutions, contact Plus Technologies.

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