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Automated Print Failover for Mission Critical Documents

  • Date: Aug 15, 2014
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Automated Print Failover for Mission Critical Documents


Most large organizations still rely heavily on printed documents to complete important business processes. When mission critical print documents do not complete successfully, business is negatively impacted. Any time a print job is unsuccessful; there can be the potential for problems with patient care, missed shipments, missed loan closings, or invoices not going out, which effects costs, and lower levels of customer service.

Some important issues to consider when print failures occur are:

  1. Are your enterprise print servers managing the delivery of business critical documents?
  2. Do you have multiple points of failure in your enterprise print server environment?
  3. Do business processes stop when a printer or an enterprise print server fails?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then OM Plus Delivery Manager from Plus Technologies is needed.

OM Plus Delivery Manager can be configured to provide automated print failover at the printer level. If the primary printer fails, jams, runs out of paper, or has other issues, a secondary printer or printers can pick up and continue printing mission critical documents. An optional notification feature is also available to inform users or help desk staff of the situation.

In addition, OM Plus on the host or application server can be used to provide automated fail-over at the print server level. OM Plus can be configured to direct jobs to a primary OM Plus print server. Should that server become unable to process jobs, they can be automatically re-routed to a backup OM Plus print server.

For more information about this solution, contact Plus Technologies.

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