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Detec issuing false statements about their ability to support OM Plus

  • Date: Sep 25, 2013
  • Categories: Blog

Detec issuing false statements about their ability to support OM Plus

Our OM Plus customers in Germany have informed us that Detec is issuing misleading statements about their ability to support OM Plus. We wish to clarify the mis-information by stating the following.

  • All Detec support contracts with Plus Technologies for OM Plus have expired.
  • Detec has not purchased technical support from Plus Technologies.
  • Detec has not paid any fees to Plus Technologies for technical support rights.

Due to these circumstances, Detec is not permitted to support OM Plus today or at any point in the future. Any statements to the contrary are completely false. If  Detec is saying anything to the contrary, they are knowingly issuing false statements and would be subject to legal action.

Please contact Plus Technologies for more information on how to legally receive technical support for OM Plus.Plus Technologies has a qualified business partner in Germany that can provide Level I technical support and is completely supported by Plus Technologies who will provide Level II and III technical support.

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