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East Coast University Purchases OM Plus

East Coast University Purchases OM Plus

East Coast University Purchases OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Output Management, OM Plus, Stats Manager, SM, Epic

East Coast University Purchases OM Plus

An East Coast University has purchased OM Plus to help their Epic print environment. Furthermore, this customer of Plus Technologies is a University Healthcare Center on the Eastern part of the United States. In addition, they are a large Epic user with around 7,000 destinations. Moreover, this Epic implementation will use OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) and Plus Technologies’ New web client.

This University Healthcare Center will be supporting 6 healthcare facilities from the Central Epic instance. OM Plus will significantly reduce the number of redundant queue definitions across Epic EPS servers. Additionally, OM Plus defines print queues once for a printer and propagates across Epic EPS servers. Furthermore, they also propagate these same queues out to Windows front-end print servers.

Value Prop Information

  • Streamline complex EMR output environment
  • Reduce man hours in support
  • Increase system reliability and scalability

The benefits of our Epic print management solutions include:

  • Define print queues once for Epic back-end and front-end printing. No more redundant queues across Epic EPS back-end servers and Windows front-end print servers.
  • Centralized Management of print workflows across many systems and their segmented hops on the way to printers.
  • Replaces the problematic “send and forget” ftp transfer process between Cache and EPS servers with a secure, encrypted, traceable, and confirmed delivery process.
  • Removes need for third party load balancers between Cache and EPS servers. OM Plus provides load balancing across EPS servers and the instances within the EPS servers.
  • OM Plus is integrated with Epic for familiar operation.
  • Reduces print delivery burden on EPS servers and other application and print servers.
  • OM Plus reduces the number of dedicated Windows print servers.
  • OM Plus removes the confusion of problem ownership across Windows/Unix/Linux/Network/Printers. One person can see the entire environment from OM Plus UI.
  • OM Plus job tracking, logging, diagnostic tools provide quick problem identification and resolution.
  • Easily retain, redirect and/or restart print jobs, manually or automatically.
  • Reprint jobs without recreating/re-spooling (ertf and other jobs).
  • Advanced delivery rules:
    • Tray assignments
    • My-Print-Delivery (MPD), print release with optional Imprivata print release authentication.
    • Rx Print, tamper resistant Rx printing utilizing electronic forms and plain paper.
    • i-Sat, back-end printing to remote clinics via secure internet conduit. (no more VPN’s).
    • Enforce Black and White printing and many more…
  • Provides Load Balancing and High Availability across servers and printers.
  • Informative, pro-active alert notifications and print confirmation.
  • Collection and analysis of print usage information, who, what, when, where, cost, and more. (Provides information for compliance enforcement, security audits, print environment utilization for optimization, and more).
  • Provides a more Reliable, Scalable, and Secure print infrastructure that improves operational efficiency which in turn improves patient care.

Additionally, for more information, please contact Plus Technologies

OM Plus Stats Manager – Print Metrics and Statistics

OM Stats Manager (SM) is a printing solutions application that enables organizations to analyze and understand the who, what, when, and where of printing, copying, faxing, and scanning in their enterprise. Also, by collecting print spooling data Stats Manager is able to provide user based print metrics in addition to device based data. This user based metric allows organizations to understand who is printing, what they are printing, when they are printing, what application the documents are coming from, and even the titles of the documents.

Unlike other printing solutions, Stats Manager provides scheduled reports as well as an ad-hoc query capability to enable users to search for the data as they require it.

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