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Enhanced Output Management for Cerner Millennium

  • Date: Jun 06, 2014
  • Categories: Blog

Enhanced Output Management for Cerner Millennium


Cerner Millennium is a market-leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution. Managing the print output from Cerner Millennium can be very complex.  In Millennium environments, OM Plus Delivery Manager provides key advanced spooling features not otherwise available. OM Plus has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Millennium so that no changes to Millennium are required.  OM Plus Delivery Manager provides numerous features and benefits including:

Centralized Print Spooling and Queue Management

  • Single point of control and management for multiple enterprise systems
  • Centralized queue creation
  • Trouble shooting tools
  • Features to improve security and compliance
  • Page level confirmation of delivery to the printer tray
  • Error notification
  • Print from smartphone and other mobile devices
  • Productivity features such as re-print, re-start, fail-over, load balancing and more

Tamper Resistant Rx Printing on Plain Paper

  • Replace expensive and cumbersome pre-printed forms based printing
  • OM Plus provides a software only solution that uses pantograph and micro-print technologies to create tamper resistant prescriptions on plain paper
  • The savings from this solution are significant

My-Print-Delivery for Pull Printing (also known as Follow the User style print)

  • OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) improves printing efficiencies and security by holding a user’s “printed” jobs on a secure print server until the user walks up to a convenient printer and authenticates/releases their jobs
  • MPD allows users to print from one location and pick up jobs in another to improve printing mobility
  • MPD helps overcome the print mobility limitations of VDI environments
  • MPD increases compliance as a document are not left unattended in the output tray

OM Plus i-Sat for Secure “Cloud” Based Printing for Remote Sites

  • OM Plus i-Sat is easy to install, simple to use, cloud enabled, printing software that is ideal for organizations that need to print from EMR and other back-end applications to remote sites such as, satellite offices, affiliate organizations, business partners, and home offices
  • Improves security and reduce cost associated with managing VPN
  • i-Sat is installed at the remote site on a workstation, server or MFP or deployed as an appliance
  • No technical expertise needed at remote site. i-Sat is pre-configured. Plug it in and it is operational

Print Statistics

  • OM Plus enables organizations to analyze and understand the who, what, when, and where of printing in their enterprise
  • OM Plus captures printer and user centric print data
  • OM Plus provides reporting and ad hoc query capabilities

Printer Fleet Management

  • Manage toner acquisition and swap outs
  • Receive device based alerts and notifications
  • Capture print, copy, scan counts

For more information about this solution, contact Plus Technologies.

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