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German Company Standardizes on OM Plus

  • Date: Dec 30, 2015
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German Company Standardizes on OM Plus

OMPlus_OM_WhiteOne of the world’s leading form-work and scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers, with an annual revenue of over $1 billion and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries has implemented OM Plus print software in 13 locations across their network.

One reason this company is successful in their market, is their own custom built ERP system, and Sales and Distribution. This system provides the IT processes for the business models that make them so successful.

In order to provide a reliable service for so many countries, this company has several servers, split along geographical lines (Europe, Afria, Asia, America, etc.). These servers are all in Germany but the printers they serve are located around the world. Each server has an OM Plus system installed and the system prints via these OM Plus servers.

There are two main print variants; line text based and XML based. OM Plus print software is integral to the operation and management of both document streams.

The line text based output is generally routed through a single OM Plus server who is responsible for delivery to the output devices throughout the enterprise, regardless where they are located.

With XML based output, document composition is required. In this case, OM Plus manages the routing of document output through a system that converts the XML into PCL and PDF formatted
documents suitable for printing and archiving. OM Plus print routing then takes the formatted documents schedules and routes them to the appropriate printer confirming delivery,
providing fail-over capabilities, capturing print data and providing centralized error recovery tools. Hundreds of incoming jobs per minute are processed based on the output queues.

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