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Healthcare System – Epic Print Management

Healthcare System – Epic Print Management

Healthcare System - Epic Print Management, Plus Technologies, Epic Print Management, Enterprise Output Management, OM PlusLarge Texas Healthcare System Expanding OM Plus Epic Print Management

A large healthcare system located in Texas with revenues over $1.4 Billion has decided to expand their footprint of OM Plus Epic Print Management software. The OM Plus Epic Print Management software system will now manage system output to approx 3,000 printers across multiple locations. Specifically, this OM Plus Epic Print Management system will route, track, and confirm delivery of hundreds of thousands of documents. These documents must be properly routed and tracked through a complex network. Moreover, OM Plus provides the helpdesk numerous benefits including system scalability and reliability. In addition, OM Plus minimizes system downtime.  Also, users can track the status of critical documents and by using the OMP toolset one can easily recover from errors.

Technical support is provided by Plus Technologies on a 7×24 basis with virtually immediate response time. Additionally, this customer acquired OM Plus Stats Manager (SM) to capture print data on an ongoing basis. With Stats Manager the customer can track who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed it, color vs mono, and device statistics. Furthermore, this data will help this customer put in policies that can reduce print and save cost.

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Epic Print Management Solutions

Printing from Epic, Enterprise, and desktop applications is a complex process involving multiple data streams, workflows, servers, operating systems, data transformations, and numerous networks supporting printers at multiple locations. With the disparate native utilities that “out-of-the-box” healthcare applications and desktop implementations rely upon, this type of environment provides many challenges for users trying to manage it.

Troubleshooting problems requires looking at multiple systems and trying to patch together various systems information to try and track down a problem. Support desk personnel respond to problems in a reactive manner. Print queues are redundantly defined across multiple systems. Without an Enterprise Output Management Solution like OM Plus, addressing and resolving issues can take days. Furthermore, this affects system availability which in turn affects user productivity, satisfaction, and ultimately patient care.

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