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How cloud printing to remote locations can save you money?

How cloud printing to remote locations can save you money?

Today, users in remote locations or sites commonly use VPN as a means to access host systems. VPN access means persistent connections and users become “virtual members” of the host system which can create security vulnerabilities. In many cases these remote users are not organic company employees but business partners or affiliates such as clinics or doctor offices. Organizations may not have control over these end user systems creating the potential for threats and network vulnerabilities. VPN connections also consume IT support resources and can be relatively expensive and complex to implement.

OM Plus i‐Sat addresses these issues. OM Plus i‐Sat includes a small application for the remote location that uses cloud enabled, secure web services to “pull” print jobs from the host application without the vulnerabilities of a VPN connection. No expensive, complex VPN configuration/connection is required. i‐Sat connects to an OM Plus print sever at the host location and requests its jobs. These print jobs are then sent securely, encrypted and compressed via https to the i‐Sat at the remote site. No persistent connection is required. No technical expertise is needed at the remote location. Print is delivered safely and securely. The remote user’s system does not become part of the host environment and the host system is protected from vulnerabilities. i‐Sat also has a very low cost of ownership and can cost far less than VPN. i‐Sat is a great fit for:

  • Affiliate locations (not organic employees such as clinics, labs)
  • Providers of cloud based applications
  • Branch offices
  • Home users

For more information on OM Plus i-Sat, contact Plus Technologies.

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