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How load balancing across multiple printers improves efficiency?

How load balancing across multiple printers improves efficiency?

Printer load balancing is a feature used when several print jobs are sent to a group of printers. Load balancing will distribute the print jobs to other printers in a round robin fashion. Printer pooling does not work this way. Instead it sends print jobs to a primary printer in a non-round robin fashion. If the primary printer is busy, it will then route to secondary printers. When the primary printer becomes available again, print jobs will resume on the primary print device.

OM Plus Delivery Manager’s printer load balancing is a true load balancer and allows users to define a group of printers called a “printer class”.  Load balancing is accomplished by evenly distributing the documents to all the devices within the class. Using bi-directional communications OM Plus can detect the status of printers. If a printer is busy, OM plus will direct pending jobs to the next available print device in the printer class.

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