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How to route print with conditions?

How to route print with conditions?

route print with conditionsNative operating systems such as Windows, UNIX and Linux do not allow for conditions based routing of print jobs. In order to perform print job routing, a third party software is needed. OM Plus Delivery Manager from Plus Technologies (in conjunction with its Context Delivery option) provides dynamic delivery actions to be invoked based on triggers/conditions found in the document. Once these triggers are matched, user defined delivery options are executed such as dynamically adding text to the document, invoking a form, changing destinations or number of copies, scheduling the job, notifying a user, or re-routing the job to the printer used for large print jobs.

If a printer exceeds a certain number of pages (or other criteria), print jobs can be automatically re-routed by OM Plus Delivery Manager to a large central printer. OM Plus Delivery Manager can also be configured so the end user receives an email instructing them how to pick up their re-directed job. This improves throughput by utilizing a higher volume (and usually lower cost) printer.

OM Plus Delivery Manager is available for Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems.

For more information about OM Plus Delivery Manager, contact Plus Technologies.

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