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Industry Analysts see Managed Print Services Market Shifting

  • Date: Dec 28, 2015
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Industry Analysts see Managed Print Services Market Shifting

OMPlus_OMPrinter oem’s, copier dealers, and office equipment dealers have been offering managed print services (MPS) for some time now. IDC estimates that the market for MPS is approximately $2.7B and growing at over 16% per year. Gartner Group defines MPS as a service offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output.

Typically MPS includes a needs assessment, replacement of printer hardware, equipment maintenance, and provision of printer supplies. Customers pay for this service on a ‘per-page’ (usage) basis. To enable this billing model, MPS providers need a reliable tool that can monitor printer supplies, monitor device alerts, measure device ‘uptime’ and capture device metrics (for billing). Plus Technologies OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) is a tool that provides all these features and more and used to by MPS providers to empower their service.

Recently Gartner Group released studies that indicate that the MPS market may be shifting focus from managing customers’ devices to managing customers’ ‘document output workflow” in order to improve business processes and customer efficiencies. Gartner is calling this emerging market Managed Content Services (MCS). This market shift is leading MPS providers to look for more advanced document workflow and routing tools such as OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) as DM can ingest documents from numerous sources – examine the ‘context’ of these documents – and make real-time routing decisions based on customer-defined business rules.

Other ways OM Plus can improve document-related business practices include: improving print security with pull print-related solutions, reducing print server overhead by providing scalability reducing the number of servers needed, integrating into complex business systems such as Epic and SAP and streamlining the output generated from those systems, enhancing cloud and mobile print with our i-Sat solution.

For more information on FM and DM and how these sw products can be used to automate business processes, please contact Plus Technologies.

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