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Kroger Extends Licensing of OM Plus

  • Date: Apr 22, 2016
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Kroger Extends Licensing of OM Plus

OM Plus, Plus Technologies, Output Management, KrogerKroger Extends Licensing of OM Plus Print Software

Kroger has recently increased licensing of its OM Plus print spooling software. Kroger uses OM Plus in its cold food warehouses to manage a custom label printing application. Plus Technologies has developed this custom printing application that makes ‘wrap-around’ labels for Kroger so that fork-lift drivers can see the labels on two sides of the palettes. This is very helpful when multiple palettes are stacked side-by-side and labels are obscured.

OM Plus also provides an enhanced workflow for the documents created in Kroger’s core business system. Based on user defined criteria, OM Plus identifies the documents that require the special wrap-around label solution. OM Plus then separates them from the other documents, and submits them to the wrap-around label workflow process. This special workflow includes creation of the “special” label, delivery to the printers, print confirmation, load balancing, and automated fail-over. This is done to maximize productivity.

Print Software – OM Plus

The Plus Technologies output management and print management software product portfolio is called the OM Plus Suite. In addition, it consists of multiple software products each designed to solve a specific kind of output management problems.

Each product in the OM Plus Suite can stand on its own or can be integrated with the other OM Plus software products, as needed, to solve unique document related business problems.

Plus Technologies is very experienced in solving document process related business problems with our print management software. Our Services team will listen carefully to our customers to fully understand the requirements. Moreover, we work collaboratively with the customer to design the right solution and assist in customer testing to prove the solution works as it should. Furthermore, Plus Technologies will customize solutions for individual needs and will be involved in implementations and train users on how to get the most of the solution.

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