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Large Epic User Chooses OM Plus Output Management Software

Large Epic User Chooses OM Plus Output Management Software

OM-PlusLogoA public healthcare organization with 1,000 beds and over 10,000 employees has selected Plus Technologies OM Plus print management software. This organization currently has multiple sites, multiple EMR systems, and over 3.000 print devices.  This OM Plus software Suite implementation will be used to augment a Managed Print Service provided by a large printer oem vendor.

OM Plus print software will be used to streamline their complex Epic EMR document output operation which will simplify operations, increase reliability, and save cost.

OM Plus My-Print-Delivery (MPD) will be used for pull printing (sometimes referred to as Follow the User style print). With MPD, users’ documents are held in the OM Plus print software system until “pulled down” by the end user, at any time, at any convenient print device. MPD allows for user mobility as they can pick up documents at any device defined to the system.

This organization will also be using OM Plus spooling software to print tamper resistant prescriptions on plain paper. This prescription printing feature saves cost by eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed forms and expensive printer options.

OM Plus Stats will be used to capture user and device based statistics. This data will enable a detailed analysis of their print infrastructure and enable optimization.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies at or toll free 877-899-7587.

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