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Large Retailer Upgrades Print Spooling License

  • Date: Sep 24, 2014
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Large Retailer Upgrades Print Spooling License

OM-PlusLogoOne of the largest retailers in the world, largest of its type in the US, is upgrading their OM Plus license to support more label printers. This company has over 2,500 locations, over 300,000 employees, in 30+ states, and has billions in revenue.

Expanding use of OM Plus in its outsourced warehousing operations as requirements change, without need to change its in-house proprietary systems. Output is received, enhanced and managed for efficient, highly available, scalable delivery.  This is especially difficult with label printers in harsh environments like these warehouses.

Wraparound Box and Pallet labels are formatted outside the application to show on each side or corners without change to the old single image label.  This includes true load balanced printing across multiple printers to increase throughput, as well as print server and printer failover.  Whatever happens the warehouse (and its print) must go on!

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