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Municipal Government Purchases OM Plus

  • Date: Nov 29, 2016
  • Categories: Blog

Municipal Government Purchases OM Plus

Municipal Government, OM Plus, Plus TechnologiesMunicipal Government Purchases OM Plus

A Municipal Government in Arizona has purchased OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM). This County Government utilizes high speed Ricoh Pro printers to batch print large print jobs. However, they needed a tool that could ‘hold’ the print jobs and allow an operator to manually release those jobs. In their current environment they did not have the ability to do that.

By using OM Plus DM this customer can seamlessly ingest the large print jobs from their application servers. Following, the OM Plus print software system will hold the print jobs. Moreover, the user friendly OM Plus UI is available to operators next to the high speed Ricoh printers. When the operator is ready to release the print job to the high speed device they can release it and direct it from the OM Plus UI.

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OM Plus Delivery Manager Print Spooler Management Software

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) is advanced, intelligent print spooler management software. Delivery Manager seamlessly ingests jobs from multiple systems and deliverOM Plus Delivery Manager, DM, Delivery Manager, OM Plus, Plus Technologiess them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. Rarely, changes are needed to existing ERP/EMR systems. Furthermore, OM Plus print spooler management software features include: print confirmation, re-printing, re-routing, automated fail-over, load balancing, bundling, re-sequencing, and much more.

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