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New Capabilities Added to Existing Customer

  • Date: Sep 19, 2014
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New Capabilities Added to Existing Customer

ompdmDue to a change in their packaging process, a large maker of custom cabinets called to requested functional changes to their existing OM Plus Delivery Manager print software system. Specifically, the customer wanted to add the ability for OM Plus to auto recognize a specific type of document. Then, instead of printing this type of document OM Plus is to re-route those documents to a file instead. Once in the file, their new system could retrieve the documents electronically.

The Plus Technologies Services team was able to make the changes requested and within the minutes the customer was able to implement the new process. No new license fees were required.  The customer was thrilled and had this to say, ” “OM Plus is so smooth, it never has any issues and I never have to look at it. When we needed some custom capabilities added, it was no problem at all. Your service guys were wonderful.”

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