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New Version of i-Sat Available

New Version of i-Sat Available

Cloud, new version, OM Plus, Plus Technologies, iSat, i-SatNew Version of i-Sat Available

Plus Technologies has released a new version of OM Plus i-Sat. OM Plus i-Sat is Plus Technologies’ “Cloud Printing” solution. Changes have been made to increase the capacity and throughput of the i-Sat system. Plus Technologies has heavily tested the changes in extremely high volume scenarios. This new i-Sat version requires Delivery Manager (DM) version 2.7.x or better and is currently available.

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SaaS and Cloud Based Printing. Plus Technologies’ OM Plus i-Sat internet based cloud printing service.

Plus Technologies has developed OM Plus i-Sat to provide a secure, reliable, scalable solution for delivering documents from a host based mainframe over the internet to remote customer locations. Additionally, OM Plus i-Sat cloud printing is the ideal print software solution for SaaS environments. Specifically in an i-Sat scenario, remote users try to print documents that are created on a host server in a central location and need to be delivered over the internet (cloud printing).

i-Sat automates SaaS printing over the internet so that it is seamless to the end user. The SaaS user requests the job from the host and then the host creates the job. OM Plus at the host site ingests  the print job and connects with i-Sat software located at the remote site. Once authentication is confirmed OM Plus encrypts and compresses the print jobs. Additionally, OM Plus delivers the SaaS print job over the cloud. After that i-Sat receives the print job where it is uncompressed, unencrypted, and delivered to the local printer.

This process happens very quickly with minimal network bandwidth and only a minute lag in print time. Generally speaking, the end user SaaS print experience is completely automated. In addition, SaaS print requires no end user change. Furthermore, OM Plus i-Sat is highly reliable and scalable for cloud print applications where the document is delivered from the host over the internet to a SaaS server.

i-Sat consists of Plus Technologies developed software that enables organizations to use the internet to securely deliver print jobs from one location to another. For the most part, organizations with distributed locations find this cloud printing service is perfect. Locations such as: satellite offices, retail outlets, labs, and/or health care clinics.

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