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OM Plus Delivery Manager Takes Advantage of Epic’s New API Technology

OM Plus Delivery Manager Takes Advantage of Epic’s New API Technology

HIMSS, Plus Technologies, Epic, OM PlusOM Plus Delivery Manager Takes Advantage of Epic’s New API Technology

Plus Technologies OM Plus output management software is currently being featured in multiple booths at the HIMSS Conference in Vegas.

  1. Lexmark Booth #4232 – Daily OM Plus presentations about Advanced Output Management, Rx Print, Secure Queue Release, and Rx Demo.
  2. Coretek Booth #8334 – (Integrated solution with Imprivata, Citrix, OM Plus, PrinterLogic, Print Release, Rx Print) Demos of our solutions on Lexmark CX725 printer.
  3. Elatec USA Booth #10332 – (Card reader supplier, readers that work with our OM Plus/Imprivata print release solution) Demo My-Print-Delivery (MPD), Secure Queue Release (SQR), Rx on Lexmark CX725.
  4. PrinterLogic Booth #11413 – (integrated solution of OM Plus/PrinterLogic in Citrix/VMware environments providing front-end/back-end enterprise print management, print release, Rx print, and other solutions) Demo MPD, SQR, Rx on Lexmark CX725 and Presentation on Wednesday.

Dayton, Ohio; March, 2018 – Plus Technologies, a leading enterprise output management and print management software company, today proudly announced its ability to take advantage of the benefits of Epic’s new API technology for its highly successful EHR solutions.

The new Epic 2018 API architecture was just released in late February. Plus Technologies has been working closely with the Epic development staff to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform. This is the first significant change to the Epic architecture in 10 years.

Plus Technologies has been providing Epic print management solutions for over 10 years and we have 90,000+ Epic related printers currently licensed under our OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) software.

“Our commitment to servicing the healthcare industry remains a top focus for Plus Technologies. We are committed to providing the best certified OMS solutions for the many Epic customers using Plus Technologies software solutions.”
– Said Mike Visser, President of Plus Technologies.

The OM Plus Output Management Software Integration with Epic Print Services Will Include the Following Benefits

  • Remove the need to define print queues and drivers on the EPS servers
  • Ability to provide more detailed print job status feedback to the Epic User Interface
  • Reduce the number of EPS servers including the need for separate EPS servers dedicated to Willow Ambulatory
  • Ability to provide our print management capabilities to Epic users utilizing Epic’s new API technology with their remote hosted solutions

About OM Plus

The core building block for our output management solutions is our OM Plus software suite. It includes many software modules that provide advanced print spooling, queue management, intelligent document routing, print metrics, device management, and document archiving capabilities. OM Plus can ingest data from numerous sources, route, manage, and store documents based on a rules-based engine.

OM Plus seamlessly integrates into most EMR and ERP systems for end-to-end document control and provides a centralized point of administration for managing the entire output system.

Our most popular healthcare solutions include our core OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) software which provides the base infrastructure, EMR integration, document delivery, and administrative features. Then, based on customer requirements we add features such as My-Print-Delivery (MPD) for pull-printing, Tamper Resistant Print (TRP) for Rx printing on plain paper, i-Sat for secure, plug and play internet print delivery for remote locations, Stats Manager (SM) for print/copy/fax/scan usage analysis, and more.

About Plus Technologies LLC

Plus Technologies provides enterprise output management and print software to customers including corporations, government, and healthcare organizations. Many of our customers are leaders in their field and are listed in the Fortune 500. Plus Technologies’ solutions are based on the “OM Plus Software Suite.” Each software product can stand on its own or can be integrated with the other OM Plus software products, as needed, to solve unique document related business problems.Plus Technologies, Outside of Work, Enterprise Software, OM Plus, Employees

Please contact us to learn more about our company and products. Moreover, you can count on Plus Technologies to do our best to help you solve your document and output management issues.

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